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How to Use and Store Bar Soap Correctly and Better.

Posted by Siany Wulandari on

One of the issues I faced during my journey was to find how I can use the bar soap correctly until finish and keep it dry without tainting my bathroom. I am not a fan plastic soap holder or plastic scrubber. I want something that natural and soft without lots of maintenances.


I was looking for a solution to keep the soap dry after uses and to be able to use it until really finish. Yes, it does finish with this

Lunaraya soap bag/a>

! And I can use the soap longer too! Also, it does give me Gentle scrub, which I didn’t get from plastic or sponge scrubber.


The bag made from blend of natural Cotton and Jute, knitted with loops that help the foam to form and promote a gentle exfoliate.


How to use the bag? Rinse it for the first use to soften then pop in your favorite soap bar (today I am using

Heartwarming Chai Soap

), put it under the water then lather it between your hands. While you massage your skin under the water, the soap inside the bag will continue to foam and give a gentle exfoliate at the same time.


When you are finished, squeeze some of the left-over lather from the soap bag and hang or put it somewhere dry.


Have you dedicated some "ME" time to yourself recently?  I feel grateful that recently I got plenty , since I still on recovery stage after a surgery. I am not yet allowed to have a long bath (but you can!) but I can have a quality shower with my Lunaraya Soap that gave me “aromatherapy” and having time to read and learn new things. I can say, writing this post also a “Me” time for me.


Note: This bag is included on our starter pack or you can get the bag only


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