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What does it mean that our soap is natural Cold Process soap?

Posted by Siany Wulandari on

What does it means that our soap is natural
Cold Process soap?

We use natural oils and melted butter that reacted with
lye to make a soap bar without any heating process.

Then we put it in the mold, cut it, let it be cured for 4-6

Cold Process Soap advantages:

1. Gentle ~ Retain our natural skin oil.
2. Eco-friendly ~ No synthetic foaming agents, saves
our water!
3. Last Longer`~ our CP soap can last up to 50
4. Retain the scents better ~ I got lots of compliments
that our soap smells great! That’s not because I put
more essential oils or fragrances, but that’s because of
the process.
There's an international standard for how many percent
you can use essential oils or fragrances for skincare
that is safe to the skin.


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