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Nourish Shower Starter Pack | UNSCENTED

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Lunaraya Shower Starter Pack is the perfect starter for your new routines.

What you get:

3 bars of soap made from organic Honey Oat Shea (4.3 Oz each).

1 Natural Sisal Soap Exfoliate Bag/Soap Saver 

Lunaraya Nourish Honey, Oatmeal, and Shea Head to Toe Soap bar made from organic ingredients. Oatmeal and honey are famous for soothing and calming the skin while Shea butter famous for retaining moisture. Nourish yet unscented. It is suitable for people who work in unscented, fragrance-free policy environments like health care, education, etc.

We also included our Lunaraya zero-waste sisal soap saver pouch. Made from natural Sisal and cotton, it will extend the life of the soap bar also a clean way to store soap.

Just place your favorite Lunaraya soap into the bag and tighten the drawstring. Add some water, lather and it's ready to use! Can be used for bathing, washing hands, showering, and shaving. Exfoliate and massage the skin, producing foam and soap lather.



saponified oils of sunflower, coconut, palm, and safflower (with retained glycerin); water; oats, shea butter, honey; rosemary extract

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