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Sakura Moon | Linen spray

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Immerse yourself in the delicate fragrance of spring with Sakura Moon Linen Room Spray. This enchanting mist blends the soft, floral scent of sakura (cherry blossoms) with calming jasmine and a touch of juicy pear.

  • Top note: Sakura (cherry blossom) - Delicate and sweet, reminiscent of springtime.
  • Middle note: Jasmine - Calming and relaxing, with a touch of floral sweetness.
  • Base note: Pear - A hint of juicy sweetness that rounds out the fragrance.

A spritz of Sakura Moon Linen Room Spray will instantly refresh your space and create a tranquil atmosphere. Perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere you want to unwind and embrace the beauty of spring.

Product Details:

  • 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA

How to Use:

Shake well before use. Hold the bottle upright and spray a few mists into the air or directly onto linens. Avoid contact with eyes.

Additional Information:

  • This product is also available in other home fragrance products, including candles & diffusers.